About My Teacher Series

My Teacher Series, starting with ” My Teacher’s a Robot! ” is from the imagination of Phil Barnes, a new Author from Gloucester, I plan to write many books in the series, “My Teacher’s a Robot!” is followed by the second book ” My Teacher’s a Spy !! ” that was released at the end of January 2017.

I have also finished book three which is called “My Teacher’s an Alien”, that I hope will be published next, all three are different stories featuring new hero’s. I am currently writing book four, which is very nearly finished and with over thirty idea’s there is lots to write in the future.

My Teacher’s a Robot! came out in the UK on 30th September 2015 and was released worldwide from the 30th March 2016, it has been sold in America and Mexico to name but a couple and seeing it on Amazon Japan still makes me smile…

Apart from writing the My Teacher Series I also enjoy writing short stories and poetry, some of which I share on my Facebook page.

I have been very busy in the last year to eighteen months, not only promoting my books but also doing Library Visits, School Assemblies, Creative Writing Workshops and I am very pleased to be part of The Fair on the Square at this years Hay-on-Wye Book Festival on Saturday May 27th where I will be supported by the local MND Association Volunteers as My Teacher’s a Spy is donating some proceeds of the sales of every book to the MND Charity.

You can follow the series on my website or my Facebook page My Teacher Series, the first six months have been busy with School visits, Library events, book signings and even a Radio Interview…

16 thoughts on “About My Teacher Series”

    1. Hi Kerrie, it’s a horrible thing to see someone you love go through but I hope to do my bit in helping to raise awareness and much needed funds fir The MND Association.


  1. You should do a kids book about mmd was hard to tell my boys who is 3 and 4 that grandad had mmd but think it’s grate what your doing every body does a bit goes a long way my dad George Chapman passed 1.11.2017 x


      1. Phil can you please contact me? I have some questions for you about the publishing company. I have written some books and would like your opinion of the publishers and illustrators. I am unable to find your contact info except through here. My e-mail is trbus78@gmail.com.


  2. Hello Phil

    I would like to speak to you regarding your publication with Austin Macauley. I have recently been offered a contract and would like to talk to someone who has had experience working with them.

    I’m a new inexperienced author myself, would appreciate lending your ear for a moment.



      1. Hey, I have a meeting with Austin Macauley on Monday, if you could email me before then briefly about your experience that would be great. Particularly regarding financial contributions and just how hard they work for you, the author, and if they are true to their word. Thanks


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