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Gloucester Library Visit

Great news !!  I have been asked to host an event at Gloucester Library during the Half Term Holiday, I will be there on Thursday 2nd June at 2:30pm, the plan is for me to read a couple of chapters from My Teacher’s a Robot!, answer some questions then do some creative / fun writing and maybe some character drawing if we have time.

This is perfect as I continue to publicise my book series and also give something back, I am sure the children will enjoy my event, everyone is welcome as the more the merrier as they say, really excited and looking forward to it.

My Teacher’s a Spy !!

I have been patiently waiting now for the first proof’s of the next instalment of the My Teacher Series, Austin Macauley tell me we are nearly there, I am thrilled to see it moving along well and just really excited to read them, once read we can start designing the front cover then it gets real.

My Teacher’s a Spy !! will hopefully be out around September this year and with me having already written book three and currently writing book four the series is really starting to take shape now, I have so many more idea’s and I can’t wait to write them and for people to enjoy them as much as they have My Teacher’s a Robot!

Watch this space for more updates as the series really gets going !!

me suffolk

School Visits !

It has been a busy first six months, I have now visited the following nine schools:

Heron Primary

Robinswood Primary

Abbeymead Primary

Waterwells Primary

Elmbridge Juniors

Hardwicke Parochial

Beech Green Primary

Harewood Juniors

Coney Hill Primary

The children have listened intently, enjoyed the opening of My Teacher’s a Robot! and they have asked some great questions. The schools were very welcoming with everyone taking an interest in me and my book, taking time to let me be involved in an assembly, signing books and flyers whilst welcoming me back in the future.

I was even impressed to hear that one young lady at Heron Primary dressed as Miss Ironside on World Book Day, that was brilliant, would have loved to have seen her costume but great effort made.

Attached are some newsletters from the schools talking about my visit.



130941434870671957Newsletter 9th December 2015

For any schools reading this I will visit anyone within a reasonable distance and I do not charge anything for an assembly visit as I think it is nice to give something back, feel free to contact me.


Suffolk Anthology Book Signing

SUFFOLK ANTHme suffolk

Had a nice afternoon at the Suffolk Anthology signing books and meeting people, it was very nice of Helene to invite me along to her lovely little book store at the Suffolk’s in Cheltenham.

I would definitely recommend visiting them and having a mooch around the many books they have on the shelves.

Link :

A Mum Review’s

Lovely review from A Mum Reviews, nice write up and comments, very pleased to see they enjoyed my book.


Book Review: My Teacher’s a Robot! by Phil Barnes A Mum Reviews

Book Review: My Teacher’s a Robot! by Phil Barnes

This is the first book by new children’s book author Phil Barnes. Kids love it so it looks like there will be a series about strange teachers expanding soon.

“With wide, cold eyes, a clenched jaw, and superhuman strength, something’s not right about new teacher Miss Ironside. Will quickly realises… she’s a robot! One by one, his classmates are being brainwashed after school. Will and his friends must act fast to save everyone before it’s too late!”

My test reader for this book is a 9-year-old boy and he read the 63 pages long book quickly during a weekend. He said it was it was very enjoyable and exciting! The book is apparently full of tension and emotion and keeps kids hooked throughout. I like the short length that lets kids focus on reading one book in a short amount of time which is extra important when it’s an exciting story like this one where you’ll be wondering what will happen next if you don’t read it quickly enough! I would recommend it to boys and girls between 7 and 10 years old.

My Teacher’s a Robot! was published on the 30th of September 2015 by Austin Macauley Publishers and is available to buy from


Link :

Goodreads Giveaway

Great response to the Goodreads Giveaway, over 1,100 people entered and the three lucky winners have now had their signed copies posted to them, all three live in America and with the book released in America today – 30th March 2016 – that tied in very handily…

Thanks to the lovely people at Goodreads for helping and Austin Macauley for providing the books.