Tuffley Primary school visit

Another school visit confirmed with Tuffley Primary school on Wednesday 8th June, I am looking forward to reading from My Teacher’s a Robot! and then answering the children’s questions, I am also happy to sign any book presented. 😀

My Teacher’s a Spy !! – Proof’s Read

After a check through the proof’s of My Teacher’s a Spy !! it all looks great, I had forgotten how good the story was with all it’s twists and turns, now it’s over to Austin Macauley so they can start producing the book and then we can start thinking about the front cover, exciting !!

I am sure people will enjoy this book as much as the first, though the My Teacher theme continue’s it is a different story with new hero’s and is an adventure children will love, really looking forward to seeing it in print, I still get excited seeing my name next to the copyright, small things…



My Teacher’s a Spy !!

I’m so excited, I have received the Proof’s of My Teacher’s a Spy !!, I can’t wait to read through the book, make sure everything is perfect and send it back to Austin Macauley so the book can be made and then it’s on to designing the front cover.

It is always exciting when you get your book proof’s for the first time, although this is my second book it is still amazing to see your book in print, your name next to the copyright and all your hard work laid out in front of you, this is where it gets serious and before you know it you have decided on how it will look.

We also have the backcover blurb that is great and sounds exciting, a big thank you to the guy’s at Austin Macauley for their help again in making this look great, I hope people enjoy this one as much as they have My Teacher’s a Robot!