Tuffley Library Visit’s

What a great day yesterday, some children from Tuffley Primary school visited me at Tuffley Library, after hearing me read from My Teacher’s a Robot! a few weeks ago at their school they were pleased to see me again at the library.

We played a creative writing game that was extremely funny and we all laughed a lot, what great, non-sensical and wonderfully thought up stories we managed to make up between us, the teachers could not remember seeing the children so excited about writing a line of a story but their faces when they heard their line read out was great as they all laughed.

The children were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to get a signed copy of My Teacher’s a Robot! and the books flew out of my grasp as soon as I had signed them.

Thanks to Tuffley Primary for visiting and to Elizabeth at the Library for organising, looking forward to seeing the next class in a few weeks.


Tuffley Primary School Visit

What a lovely visit to Tuffley Primary school this morning, the children were totally engaged whilst I read from My Teacher’s a Robot!, they seemed to enjoy every word and would have let me read the whole book.

They then asked some fantastic questions, finding out about being an Author, how I wrote my book , the idea’s I have, how the front cover was designed as well and how many more books are to come in the series.

The Head Teacher Mr Greenwood was pleased to have me visit and would like me to return with My Teacher’s a Spy !! in the near future, thanks to Gemma Clune for organising, I would be happy to see you all again in the future.

Gloucestershire Libraries Tour !!

What a busy few days visiting Libraries in Gloucestershire, I had a lovely time at Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Chuchdown Libraries, the children loved listening to me read from My Teacher’s a Robot!, even parents enjoyed the story and had more questions than the children.

Each Library made a great effort advertising the event with Tewkesbury and Chuchdown even making robots which were great, the children then got busy drawing me design’s for the front cover of my next book My Teacher’s a Spy !!

There were some great ideas and they all enjoyed drawing with some input from me and the parents, I am sure everyone had a nice time at each Library, with any luck I might be back with My Teacher’s a Spy !! in the future.