Last Chapter

Well here we are again, the last chapter of another book, I can’t even say it was difficult as I enjoyed writing it so much, the book almost wrote it self.

How it’s going to end I don’t know yet, as with all of my books and short stories I write from the heart and let the story unfold in​ front of me as I scribble it on the pad, scribble on a pad I hear you say, why not type it up on a computer or tablet but I’m old fashioned and love to write it down then type it up after a week off reading or relaxing as I find I can be objective in my editing.

I am hoping that this one along with book three, My Teacher’s an Alien will get the same chance as My Teacher’s a Spy and My Teacher’s a Robot to be enjoyed by children who loved those two books.

I am looking forward to seeing how this book finishes, the only difficult decision after this is which story do I write next from the choice I have lined up with around thirty ideas I’m not short on options.

Hopefully my next post will be the horay I’m finished post but in the meantime remember that My Teacher’s a Spy is still giving a donation to the MND Association for every copy sold, a worthy cause for a charity that needs as much help as possible.

Book 4…My Teacher’s a…

Keeping true to my word and carrying on with the blogging I thought a little update on Book Four would be nice, it is coming along perfectly and I have now completed 22 chapters.

As with the first three books it has flowed nicely from the start, I am so lucky not to suffer from writers block that has plagued so many, I can see the end and think another chapter or two will finish it nicely.

I still have no idea how it will end as with my previous books I just write from the heart as if I was making up a story, like I did to my boys when they were younger, the story almost writes itself and my pen can hardly keep up with my imagination.

A pen…I hear you say, why not type it on computer or these days a tablet but I’m old fashioned and love to write it in pen first, then I take a breather and often read a book, recharge my imagination and then type it up, I find this really helps and I seem to be able to edit more subjectively.

My only dilemma now when I’m this close to finishing a book is which story do I write next, with so many ideas and at least another three briefly outlined I’m spoilt for choice, I would say I’m lucky to have such a vivid imagination.

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year to all, I hope it’s prosperous and exciting one for everyone.

I am hoping to start this year in Mitcheldean, with a visit to the Library and local Primary School. I will keep blogging more this year as I really want to give the My Teacher’s Series a chance, with two books published, a third ready to go and a forth near completion things are looking good.

I am hoping to get more publicity and move the series forward, just need that little bit of luck to help me. I spent a good number of months last year writing short stories and entering them into competitions to get my name out there, I will continue to do that this year. The more people hear and see my name the better chance I have of getting the My Teacher books noticed.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far and continues to do so, fingers crossed this will be a good year for the My Teacher Series.