Book 4…My Teacher’s a…

Keeping true to my word and carrying on with the blogging I thought a little update on Book Four would be nice, it is coming along perfectly and I have now completed 22 chapters.

As with the first three books it has flowed nicely from the start, I am so lucky not to suffer from writers block that has plagued so many, I can see the end and think another chapter or two will finish it nicely.

I still have no idea how it will end as with my previous books I just write from the heart as if I was making up a story, like I did to my boys when they were younger, the story almost writes itself and my pen can hardly keep up with my imagination.

A pen…I hear you say, why not type it on computer or these days a tablet but I’m old fashioned and love to write it in pen first, then I take a breather and often read a book, recharge my imagination and then type it up, I find this really helps and I seem to be able to edit more subjectively.

My only dilemma now when I’m this close to finishing a book is which story do I write next, with so many ideas and at least another three briefly outlined I’m spoilt for choice, I would say I’m lucky to have such a vivid imagination.

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