Tuffley Library Visit’s

What a great day yesterday, some children from Tuffley Primary school visited me at Tuffley Library, after hearing me read from My Teacher’s a Robot! a few weeks ago at their school they were pleased to see me again at the library.

We played a creative writing game that was extremely funny and we all laughed a lot, what great, non-sensical and wonderfully thought up stories we managed to make up between us, the teachers could not remember seeing the children so excited about writing a line of a story but their faces when they heard their line read out was great as they all laughed.

The children were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to get a signed copy of My Teacher’s a Robot! and the books flew out of my grasp as soon as I had signed them.

Thanks to Tuffley Primary for visiting and to Elizabeth at the Library for organising, looking forward to seeing the next class in a few weeks.


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