Time to move on…

Morning My Teacher fans, I know I have been very quiet of late but I have a good reason. Last year was a challenging year, after being diagnosed with Cancer of the Voice Box I have spent the last nine months battling this awful disease.

I am very pleased to say that after some successful Laser Surgeries I am now in remission and keen to move on. I know I’m not Cancer free and will have to have check-ups for five years but it’s a small price to pay to be in this position. I am so grateful to all the wonderful NHS staff, my Doctor and Therapists who have helped me through this.

Cancer is something you never think will happen to you but can I say that the support out there is unbelievable and without the likes of MacMillan I don’t know how my family would have got through this.

This years aim for My Teacher series is to get back out there, I will look to post more often and try to get some events in the calendar. The third book My Teachers an Alien still has an offer on the table from Austin Macauley and is something I will try to figure out and get published.

Thank you for all the support and remember if you’re not sure get checked out.

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