My Teachers an Alien!

My Teacher fans, we have good news and bad, my publisher Austin Macauley absolutely loves My Teachers an Alien! and have offered a Contract. This is fantastic, however due to the current financial instability that with live in, it is a contribution based Contract.

So, to fund this I will be starting a Crowd Funding page with the aim to raise the necessary funds. I will be looking for 100 people to contribute £20 each. As a thank you, all will receive an acknowledgement in the book when it is published and all will receive a free signed copy.

I really hope this attracts contributors that would like to see a humble Author have some success in the Book World and be part of the journey as it happens.

If you would like to be a part of my journey then please visit the Crowd Funding page entitled My Teachers an Alien! – Book publishing.—book-publishing



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