School Visits !

It has been a busy first six months, I have now visited the following nine schools:

Heron Primary

Robinswood Primary

Abbeymead Primary

Waterwells Primary

Elmbridge Juniors

Hardwicke Parochial

Beech Green Primary

Harewood Juniors

Coney Hill Primary

The children have listened intently, enjoyed the opening of My Teacher’s a Robot! and they have asked some great questions. The schools were very welcoming with everyone taking an interest in me and my book, taking time to let me be involved in an assembly, signing books and flyers whilst welcoming me back in the future.

I was even impressed to hear that one young lady at Heron Primary dressed as Miss Ironside on World Book Day, that was brilliant, would have loved to have seen her costume but great effort made.

Attached are some newsletters from the schools talking about my visit.



130941434870671957Newsletter 9th December 2015

For any schools reading this I will visit anyone within a reasonable distance and I do not charge anything for an assembly visit as I think it is nice to give something back, feel free to contact me.


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